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StraighterLine Courses – A New Face Of Education

by Education

Are you the one feeling deprived of getting knowledge?

Do you think that you are out of the courses available at a low cost?

Not able to afford knowledge at higher prices?

The pandemic is escalating the financial difficulties of students. How can you help these obstacles be solved by your students and receive their degrees?

Well, we are here to offer you the solution of the millennium!!

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What Is StraighterLine?

To begin with, Straighterline was founded in 2009 by Burck Smith. It was found to offer a high-quality, low-cost solution to increasing college costs and to help students save a substantial amount of money on their degree costs. The only priority of StraighterLine is on general education classes and offering the best possible learning experience.

Furthermore, each StraighterLine course is structured to maximize the performance of students and count on their degree for credit. All classes are 100% online and self-paced, making it easy for you to complete courses on your timetable. Business classes from StraighterLine include the e-textbook, which greatly increases savings.

How Does StraighterLine Work?

That is to say, It works in ways that primarily directs each student to a better college life – 

  1. Firstly, Choose A Course – Each course saves you money, time, and counts against your degree for credit.
  2. Secondly, Earn Credit – Complete your StraighterLine lessons. And in our network of approved universities, we promise that they can pass to schools.
  3. Thirdly, Time To Get your Degree – Choose the school you want to graduate from. And hear how you can benefit from their StraighterLine relationship.

Why Do Students Go For StraighterLine Courses?

Consequently, as a result of a study and evaluation by the American Council on Education, hundreds of colleges and universities now recognize StraighterLine courses. The course must pass a comprehensive, impartial third-party evaluation process in order for ACE to approve a course for college credit. The credit transfer process is smooth after a course is inspected and accepted by ACE.

Therefore, For many types of learners, cost, pace, and versatility are all crucial reasons why StraighterLine is a great choice. But the number one big reason students report preferring StraighterLine is their degree institution’s credit transfer route. Further, This route showcases more than 95 percent of respondents ranking it as a very significant” or “highly important element. In fact, 97% of students who tried to get credit for a StraighterLine course were successful in the study.

Benefits Of StraighterLine Courses

In addition, to mention few of the benefit it involves are – 

  1. It is a seamless, hassle-free way to enrol in some of the top schools.
  2. Provides opportunities for studying courses that regular colleges do not.
  3. Provides a virtual toolbox with resources for education.
  4. It lowers student debt and encourages under-funded students to attend college.

How Long Do Straighterline Courses Take?

StraighterLine features over 60 general education approved courses beginning at $59 and an annual membership of $99; all courses are 100% online. Students are automatically able to join StraighterLine coursework, drive at their own rate, and pay as they go. In approximately 40 days, most students are able to complete a course. Meanwhile, after completing the course, each of them reach a cost per credit of less than $100 per credit hour.


Subsequently, It includes almost every kind of subject field, like finance, English, health sciences, humanities, math, science, language, technology, college prep, and social science, you can enroll in online courses. You can learn a foreign language, advance your skills in computer coding, or even complete the online laboratory section of your science classes.


The examination process includes two types of categories, one is practice exams and the other is the final exam

Practice Exams

Throughout the course, most classes have to practice tests to test the understanding of the subjects and materials studied. These tests do not create a space for expectation as part of your course’s completion requirements. We recommend using these tools as a guide to help you prepare.

Final Exam 

With the exception of English Composition courses, developmental courses, etc., StraighterLine includes proctored final exams for all subjects. Student identity pass through the process of authentication during proctoring hours, and during the entire test, the student and office are trackable.

To sum up, students will still face financial pressures, but more than ever today, they need thoughtful advice. They need advice on how to resolve and obtain their degree from financial restrictions. By making it easy for them to complete their courses and simply pass their credits back to the degree, the courses help. StraighterLine will help your students achieve what they left behind because of the pandemic. 

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Above all, please find the below-mentioned reviews in order to recheck if StraighterLine is legitimate.

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