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The learning experience is much evolved after digitalization advancements. Online learning has improved the overall experience of learning. It is more interactive than the traditional concepts of education and has more draw attention over the online learning curriculum.
E-books are more portable than printed heavy books, which may deplete over the years. Here is the extensiveness of study material capacity with low space compatibility, and it can be movable in devices like mobile, tablets etc.
In case you have to read a lot and for studies, students need many references books, test banks samples, test series etc., e-books and online test banks are much easier to download and use whenever they need, and it’s cost-effective rather than printed books.
Apart from portability, manageable, the cost-effectiveness of e-books most significant feature is it has an infinity of material collection which rare to found in physical book content. Student can get access to old books and even a new version which can cost a lot if bought physically. We at statistics Explained understand the need of students and provide cheaper study material in electronic form, pdf format and word format or audible books too.
Most of the educational institutions are shifting towards e-book availability as it provides students with an extensive rich digital library because the content is available online more than physical format and it cost-effective and needs no vast space to store. All fit in a simple computer in an organized way.

Why E-books preferred over books?

  • One device can store a thousand multiple books.
  • Accessible everywhere, can be downloaded and store for later use even without internet.
  • The content materials are cloud-based so that it can be easily updated.
  • E-books can be shared with multiple users if it has allowed sharing but in books, you can share with one individual at a time.
  • It is most cost-effective than books and quite engaging for students.
  • Online books have an environmentally friendly feature in comparison to paper books.

The E-book has an advantage over books in user engagements perspective. It changed the outlook of learning notion.

Why should you avail Statistics Explained E-books & test Banks service?

Online help services for students are the core idea behind the establishment of Statistics Explained and as when we come across the students facing difficulties in getting the study materials of their choice within time and affordability range. Therefore, we step ahead to resolve these issues of students too. Those who struggle a lot to find test banks series or e-books over subject need our e-books and test bank facilities are the optimal solutions for the students in need. Here are the core benefits when students avail our a-book and test bank collections;
  • Readily availability of specified e-books and test banks, if you book in advance.
  • Accessible in PDF format and word format
  • Exclusive materials if not available can be arranged within the time frame as we have associates link for the same.
  • Costs are reasonable in comparison to the market value.

How E-books & test banks grab you good grades?

Students look for the best study material to go through to achieve good grades in exams, tests, and another academic curriculum. Our expert professionals guide for the same, the need of the students who are in still in dilemmas- ‘to refer what to study’ which can deliver more high scores in exams and tests. In our tutoring sessions, students can ask for the relevant study material and even when students need consultation for the same we can provide with best of the course material for studying based on student’s requirements and uncovered subjects topics. Study the best, get the best grades.

Statistics Explained expands to provide college, and university students need of exam preparation study material at affordable rates although it sourced from suppliers, burden costs are not shouldered to students.

Take a glimpse of that:
  • Most searchable and updated study materials and test series modules
  • Get all subject tests banks and latest study references materials series with prior request booking.
  • Access free samples of test modules in live tutoring sessions.
  • Live support for booking and doubts support.
  • Get expert consultations over study material and grades enhancement related queries.

How you avail the E-books & Test Banks?

Students can ask for E-books & test Banks help in the following ways;

Don’t you worry about the study material? You can get help in qualifying for the highest grade, ask for help now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do E-books & test banks help me in enhancing grades?

Our expert assists you in your requirements of grade enhancements and help you to study the apt study material to brush up your knowledge needed to raise the bar of grades. E-Books are more interactive, engaging than books, and it has multiple options available to refer in case of more extensive knowledge required.

Why e-books needed?

All content is available online, which may or may not open in physical form. Getting online study material is more affordable, shareable and portable to carry and study whenever you need. Carrying bulk books weight is outdated. Nowadays students don’t want to take loads of books in their shoulders, and online leaning completely suits to their requirements, it has adaptability quotient as per student’s mindset of the current situation. Books can be purchased n limited quantity, but online books can be accessed in hundreds at a time on a device without any storage necessity.

why e-book has more preference over books?

Digital content is more comfortable to access than physical books, and education institution even prefers electronic medium more than traditional methods of learning. The E-Book is portable to carry, get multiple books in one device that is Smartphone, engaging, and it’s even cost-effective. In pandemic situation crises, online learning is the ultimate option for students to carry their learning activities without any gathering or moving campus to campus.

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