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Online tutoring For international students

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Online tutoring For international students

As of nowadays, the Year 2020 has hit the world with a massive virus known as Covid – 19. This year turned the tables for every industry out there, be it, Education, Businesses, Infrastructural and Financial etc. Taking the education industry under consideration, Virtual Learning and Online Tutoring became the most boosted economic parameters. As students were not able to continue with their academics at their institutions, and that made the learning ability of students suffer a lot.

Further, To provide an excellent education to students, we partner with families around the world to offer the highest tutoring quality anywhere you live. The best teacher is not necessarily the nearest, and we are proud to give any student who comes into contact with us useful, entertaining, and innovative classes. Online classes are versatile and can easily be tailored for after school or when the student is abroad. Students also form incredible connections with their teachers, and it has proven enormously helpful to improve their sense of consistency by online lessons with an efficient mentor.

All the tutors at Statistics Explained are qualified to teach in a healthy and open learning atmosphere through various communication channels available nowadays. They post content online, using popular whiteboards and google docs to track the progress of the student during the class. These platforms also allow homework networking, notifications and links to their work from every computer accessible immediately. When they know the interface, online classes, in the style of face-to-face sessions, have created outstanding results for many of our students!

Why Is Online Tutoring The Best?

It assures that the students have the most skilled mentor to fulfil their needs by preferring online tutoring. 

All lessons are held live, and the student can record them and play for further study. 

The tutor and student work together to set a timeline so that they can meet as many times as they would like. 

Tutors will instantly access additional supporting materials. 

A remote teacher can execute activities like an individual instructor can perform collaborative techniques such as automated whiteboards and desktop sharing. 

When students type their responses to assignments, the tutors will provide immediate feedback and corrections to mistakes. It also offers the tutor with a rare glimpse into the reasoning process of the student.

Why Statistics Explained?

Our online tutoring team is an experienced team of professionals who knows very well how successful personal evaluations are. We help students who needed the assistance and were expecting the best they ever could. We provide our service with the highest priority, as an affordable choice to serve above expectations. And therefore, Statistics Explained is one of the best online tutoring student portals who guarantee a prominent scorecard for the enrolled students.

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