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Precalculus final exam

Precalculus Final Exam Review Packet

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What is Precalculus?

Precalculus is a course in mathematics education that includes Algebra and trigonometry. It is designed to help the students prepare for the study of calculus that is a vast major course or subject in mathematics education. It is also known as college algebra because when compared to school, where algebra and trigonometry were considered as distinguished subjects from each other, here both algebra and trigonometry are involved together. In other words, precalculus bridges the gap between algebra and trigonometry to create a whole mathematical course, i.e., calculus.

How hard is precalculus college level?

Precalculus college level is undeniably hard because it’s mostly a semester course as opposed to high schools where it is taught in a year. It is also a whole fresh course for the students to learn and sometimes it may include more in-depth materials which make it harder for college level. Here you have to work with a lot of graphs and their behaviors and equations need to be understood and known to be able to solve questions related to it comfortably.

Can you fail placement tests for college if you don’t know precalculus math?

This is an often asked question that can a student fail in placement tests for college if he doesn’t know precalculus mathematics? Well, the straightforward answer to this is “Yes”. This is because placements in higher academic levels require you to do well in your precalculus math test. If you perform poorly or fail, then the chances are you will be placed in classes with lower academic levels than yours. This also means that it will, most likely, cause you to lose some good precious times to meet the requirements for leveling up. Therefore, you must prepare for your precalculus maths exam.

How to get precalculus help?

It is one thing to know what precalculus maths stands for and why it is important and another thing to be able to do well in its exam. More often than not, everyone requires helps in their precalculus maths preparation. And what better place to look for precalculus help than here at Statistics Explained which is known for some of the best precalculus tutors for help and guidance. Our precalculus services include step by step solutions both through interactive online video classes as well as our precalculus final exam review packet. All the precalculus topics are covered by our experienced precalculus tutors and can guide you to completing your precalculus homework in the least amount of time. Our precalculus tutors also ensure that you ace your precalculus final exam with flying colors.

Also, we provide several free online courses to help you prepare for your precalculus exam in the best possible manner. Following are our free online precalculus course:

  • Functions
  • Bearings
  • Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Polynomials
  • Related functions
  • Radical
  • Piecewise functions
  • Exponential logarithmic functions
  • Sequences and series
  • Statistics
  • Complex numbers and complex plane
  • Vectors
  • Probability
  • Quadratic functions
  • Conic sections
  • Roots and rational exponents
  • Introduction and properties of matrices
  • System equations
  • Determinants and inverse matrices
  • Transformation with matrices
  • System inequalities
  • System equations
  • Trigonometry

These are all the major topics we cover at precalculus alongside all the sub-topics that come under these major topics. Also, our services are available 24×7. To know more about the other courses contact us through mail or our customer support.

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