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How To Write a Research Paper

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Writing an efficacious research paper is an articulate skill. If you envisage your paper, the perfect one?

Here are the steps to shape up the research paper.
Are you struggling pages after page tried and tore up apart but didn’t work well to approach the best start with a bang on statement?
The research paper is an extended essay format document that relies on the authors’ research findings, analysis, and interpretation. Carving a research a paper is not a plain sailing job. Writing a research paper is time taking, and patient work and affects the overall result of a student’s hard-earned degree. Here a stepwise guide to making a perfect research paper and these tips pave the way for students who scuffle around the assignment and went clueless about how to write a research paper.


Stepwise guide to write an impressive research paper.



1. Research and pick an interesting topic

  • It should be based on assignments prompts called for. Once it’s clear what is the agenda of the research paper, then need to specify in proper head that is ‘topic of the research paper.’
  • Micro niche always is the best way to present the idea and interpretations with full proof researched data. On the other way around broader topics dilute the priority and tough to defend with evident research.
  • A student should choose an interesting topic that excites to move forward. Sometimes the assignment topic can be unfamiliar, but exercising a new thing is the opportunity to learn more.

2. Build a strong statement

Research statements is the configuration of what type of research is presented. It reveals the focus and motive of the research paper. The statement should be precise and concise and effectively backed up with supportive evidence.

3. Carry out research for the topic

Carry out research and collect data as primary and secondary data. You can check and collect it from the people relevant for the research, libraries, online platforms, journals, magazines, agencies, etc. Collect and evaluate, note down all the vital information, links, agency’s names. All the sources have to mention in the bibliography, which authenticates the information of reliable sources.

4. Create an excellent outline

Organize the information you gathered from research in outline format. This step has immense importance to conduct further drafting smoothly. Data collected will be structured into segments in a sequence of introduction, body, and paragraphs outline. A title page;
  • Summary of the topic
  • An introduction to the topic
  • A methodology segment
  • Interpretations results of the topic
  • Discussion analysis
  • A final thought as a conclusion

5. Draft body & conclusion

After outline structuring, it’s all left job to fill the details argument in the introduction, body, paragraphs, and conclusion. Writing constantly and filling all the details, do not try to waste time in setting a perfect line, grammar, etc. Writing a research paper is a complicated process, so focus here is to complete everything as per format.


  • Should contain what, why & how the topic is all about
  • Starts with pertinent background
  • Explore direction and set purpose
  • How you going to approach the topic


  • Follow the outline structure to present the information.
  • Considerate sources into discussions
  • Follow the rule of three, each argument based on supportive evidence. Frame strong points first and increase the intensity of a stronger point step by step.


  • Frame the summarized form of thesis and state reliable findings in favor of argument with reasons.
  • If your research is inconclusive, mention which part is required broader research.

6. Editing and proofreading

Writing a research paper is a tedious task, and if you complete that, you should have revised and do editing and proofreading. Hence, to eliminate spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and formation of sentences accordingly. Many online tools provide such services, but in case you wanted to be double sure, ask for online research help from us, and our experienced expert will do that for you.

7. Final review

Go for the last inspection to make sure all the things are at the place, and the formation of intro to the conclusion is as per set guidelines. You are now ready to submit a research paper.

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The types of research papers

Here are some of the types of research papers. All have a different objective, and it depends upon the nature of research to conduct. According to the purpose and nature of research, the selection of suited types is done.

Argumentative Research Paper Analytical Research Paper
Definition Research paper Cause and Effect Research Paper
Compare and Contrast Research Paper Experimental research Paper
Interpretative Research Paper Survey Research Paper

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Conclusion, Research paper is a crucial assignment for degree students as the grades set the future of any student’s career. Making it more worthwhile, students look for the best they can present, so the necessity to follow the steps mentioned. If anything stuck your research writing, then we always at the help desk to serve you out at any level. You can ace your research paper with expert help, which guides you to write it in the proper format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to create a research paper?

Well research content, correct outlining, drafting, and editing is the pivotal steps to follow for good research paper creation.

How to choose a perfect topic?

A good topic selection is a crucial part to begin with research work. The topic should be narrow, interesting, and depict the whole research presentation.

Why is outlining necessary in research writing?

For drafting an effective research paper, outlining works as a foundation. Outlining gives the shape to further process of filing data and arguments in the proper format, which is the lifeline of any research paper.

What should be the size of the research paper?

Length size varies according to the type of research paper, but in general, it ranges from 10-50 pages. Make sure you insert the useful data and findings. Unnecessarily stretching of baseless information may disqualify your research paper. The research paper should be useful, and all arguments must be supported by proper evidence.

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