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First things first, a clear understanding of math phobia!

Students quite often and very easily attach the term phobia to math. A math problem is often more than just a math problem. It is received as a threat to mental peace, something that triggers fear right away. Students have shown more discomfort towards the subject, the obvious outcome being “anxiety/panic attacks.”

Our introduction to the subject ‘Mathematics,’ begins somewhat at an early age. For all that one could remember, one starts counting numbers since the time one is born. Unaware of the fact, our association with math remains as old as our existence.  Number recognition begins in children way before the pre-school stage. It starts when parents consciously encourage their child to count fingers, quantity objects, such as, ‘how many birds are there?’ or ‘ how many candies do you want?’ etc.

All of these lay the foundation for our numeracy skills. And although numbers are an integral part of our day to day activities, our ability to sensitize numbers fades away as we grow up.  It probably happens because most of the students have been subjected to such mathematical experiences that have only lowered their confidence in the subject.

In other words, facilitators of the subject fail to create mathematical experiences conducive to igniting a voluntary mathematical way of thinking. Students who possess math capabilities par excellence also exhibit fear and tend to underestimate themselves because of the undue pressure. So, when the basic counting of numbers in fingers transitions into core mathematics, we feel way too burdened to equip ourselves with sophisticated math skills.


Why wouldn’t one feel burdened?

From a fun learning stage, it takes a turn and takes the shape of something increasingly pressurizing for students to keep up with. Math is seen as something directly proportional to a student’s worth intelligence. So excelling in it is a pressurizing demand that students expected to cater to without fail. This, in turn, impairs cognitive abilities instead of building it.

Their minds tend to become rigid and hesitant, creating mental blocks. That suppresses their abilities and makes them antagonistic to the subject. The student puts his or her self esteem at stake. To fit into the perception that math defines intelligence. Fear for the subject blooms from the fear of being judged or not accepted. Fear intensifies during exams, leads to severe problems of anxiety and the development of immutable math phobia.

The subject is marked by mechanical cramming to score the highest grades instead of understanding the issue (how it operates, the basics) and solving it. Grasping math-based concepts takes a longer time as compared to other subjects. But career avenues related to the subject are wide and bright. Pursuing a degree in math is known to open doors to lucrative careers. The worrisome factor remains that even math proficient students fear to consider a career in this field.

The fear of failure, coupled with all sorts of negative implications, perpetuates a preconceived notion in the students’ minds. Therefore, it is evident that students exhibit unwillingness to learn the subject or address their anxiety.

 With the advancement in the subject, complexities increase, which calls for the use of sophisticated skills? Students see themselves in a situation where they haven’t been motivated enough to accommodate “mature mathematical mindsets.”  This has more to do with the classroom teaching of the subject, whereby young minds have to develop a positive outlook for the subject. The teaching of the subject must be enriched with empowering personal experiences, where mistakes are preferred and not treated with embarrassment. Redundant and weak teaching methods should be gotten rid of right away. Teachers must embed into the minds of students that math skills can be acquired easily. Their struggles with the subject can be minimized through practice and quality assistance.

Math skills are no-fixed skills! Faring low once or a couple of times does not mean there is no room for improvement. The first move to break free from the phobia is to reject the idea of social stigma attached to doing bad at math. Acceptance by society on the grounds of how you perform in math is a ridiculous ideology. It pushes the child far away from the path of math literacy. 

Students of different age groups felt math anxiety. They are haunted by the thought of tedious calculations, the application of complex formulae, etc. Facilitators of the subject adhere to teaching the subject in traditional ways. It involves dumping of assignments and limited emphasis on concepts so that the course completed on time. Working on assignments with no emphasis on empirical reasoning is precisely why most students suffer adapting to the subject.

What are we doing to assist the student community in overcoming the mental struggles related to math?

Math, calls for accuracy in its solutions. A cumulative of multiple steps, where having a good foundation in terms of a mathematical way of thinking, is a must. But our rigid curriculum doesn’t allow us much time to develop a strong foundation needed for success. Our curriculum expects us to understand complex concepts through the assignments and homework they provide.

Statistics Explained to the rescue!

Since there’s no route to escape from assignments, seeking help from us is sure to erase this menace from your life forever.
Math problems, from elementary to advanced levels, seek assistance from our prolific Math experts. These great geniuses take on a math problem by shedding light on related concepts, principles of operation, etc.

You name it and we have it all under our umbrella! So, the question should instead be, ‘Why not Statistics Explained?’

Why choose Statistics Explained for my math homework help?

Here at Statistics Explained, mathematics becomes “mathmagical” only through the sheer efforts of our esteemed math experts.

Assistance coming from the most reliable source; Statistics Explained offers homework help in math as conceptually digestible as possible.

  • We follow an advanced framework of problems solving skills.
  • We breakdown complex concepts to enable ease of understanding for our students.
  • We brush up on foundational knowledge, using non-traditional math teaching methods
  • Our expert assistance goes beyond assignments and homework. We provide such effective student and subject support that help our students overcome math anxiety.
  • Industry experts offer quality solutions to all kinds of math problems. Stepwise analysis of the problem is enabled with pragmatic references to math problems, principles, and solutions.
  • Problem specific solutions delivered in the quickest time, ensuring good grades through understanding. Say no to cram.
  • Our thorough guidance throughout your math journey comes at a low price.
  • Our ever-active customer support serves all your queries at your disposal.

Math tasks of any nature you are required of fulfilling, feel free to knock on the doors of Statistics Explained for help.

 We serve you extensively with our expertise revolving around:

School-level math homework help

Math problems become more complex and expert help worthy right from 4th – 5th grade. Students need extra care at these stages, as it is during these times that the foundation for supremely sophisticated math skills is laid. Through our flawless guide, even parents can assist their children at these stages.

Our assistance also involves a problem diagnostic approach to students learning.

We assist them in solving test papers and also in reviewing the results.

We assist 6th and 7th graders in developing a positive outlook towards the subject and beat the stress, if any. We enable students to climb the ladder of success through our fun math learning and solving strategies. We sort your math confusion with perfection and break down concepts for your understanding.

Here at Statistics Explained, we assist 8th and 9th graders with their tackling of assignments related to core mathematical topics such as algebra, trigonometry, statistics, probability, etc. Our experts instill a deep-rooted understanding of the new topics into the students’ minds through superior monitoring and follow-up. 

Our versatile ‘Math Gurus’ with state-of-the-art teaching techniques offer you homework help in a distinct domain such as ‘Geometry.’ Ace every geometry test with our step by step solution. Delve deep into the complex geometric concepts and make the most out of the geometric tests/assignments with our unfaltering help.

Math homework help for college students

University and college math assignments never give students a break. More than serving as a means to test concept clarity, they serve to decide our internal grades. Avail the assistance of our A-listed math experts and forget about ever getting stuck at any math problem. Work out secure solutions and make your way to the top with Statistics Explained!

What makes Statistics Explained the best math homework help site?

Statistics Explained works tirelessly to serve the student community in their struggles with the subject.

  • Best in class service.
  • Team of qualified, certified, and versatile math experts.
  • Urgent requirements are taken into consideration.
  • Quick delivery and instant updates.
  • Constructive solutions; zero plagiarism.

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