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Clarkson university Moodle

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What is Clarkson Moodle?

Clarkson Moodle is a Clarkson’s way of choosing courses and learning management. In this Moodle, all Clarkson’s faculty members and students are given a Moodle account that contains administer quizzes, accepts homework, shares grade, permits online collaboration, and much more. All the available courses are uploaded on the Moodle account irrespective of the faculty and student requirement so that they can search for anything whenever they need it. You can log in to the Clarkson Moodle account by using your Active Directory username and Password. In case, you would have a preference for a special Moodle account for your University events or groups, let us know.

Steps for Moodle Success

To have achieved success in the Module Courses follows these steps:

  • Faculty should ensure that your courses are available for your students right from the beginning of each semester and make past courses unavailable to prevent students from seeing these courses in their view.
  • Moodle courses should be loaded for at least four weeks prior to each semester. Also, delete the courses every two and ten weeks after the start of a semester in accordance with allowing an instructor of a course that is been taught on a regular schedule to be moved from one-course shell to another. 
  • You can contact us anytime, in case, you want to combine sections of a course.
  • Also, for additional training let us know.

How to Get Exam Help from Clarkson University Moodle?

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From tutoring services to writing centers to study skills, we have everything covered in our Clarkson University Moodle services. Even the previous experience has shown us that students availing our services have performed in the outcomes of their courses. We are dedicated to helping all our students reach their goals. 

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