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10 Tips To Write Powerful Personal Statement

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Writing a Personal Statement holds great value when you are applying for universities in the United States of America. As it can significantly improve your chances of getting selected. Applicants are often required to write an application with a character limit of 4000. These 4000 characters are the only chance to convince the counselors that you are the best applicant whom they should make an offer immediately.

Hence, it is important that you make a powerful personal statement. And to achieve that here we have 10 tips on how to write a personal statement.

1. Write the First Draft without a Character Counter

Often many applicants think that it is a nice idea to start writing their statement with a character counter on. They think that it enables them to not jump the character limit effectively. However, this strategy often turns out to be counterproductive as the focus inadvertently shifts from the quality of the personal statement to the quantity of it.

Many applicants have reportedly stated that while they were writing a personal statement for university with character counters on. They would start panicking when it reaches 3500. This is because at that point, they realize there is so much left to specify in the statement with only around 500 character count left. But when they write with character count turned off they end up writing more than 5000+ character count. However, this has enabled them to cover their story entirely that they were able to edit out to the character count limit comfortably.

2. Take your Time

Always remember that you have only one chance to get into the university you have applied for. So, it is important that you give it your best shot and come up with a great powerful personal statement. This never means that you have written it down in a couple of hours because haste makes waste. Therefore, always give your adequate time to write down your statement that is of a top notch quality.

3. Look for Better Alternative Words and Expression

Writing is an art. And a good quality writer will always try to look beyond using mediocre words to express their viewpoints. They do so as they believe in professionalism and elegance. They want their write ups to speak volumes about their credibility and talent. Also, this helps any writer, in the long run, to eventually provide a boost to their career in the given field. Likewise, you should as well take a leaf out of such work ethics and concentrate keenly on coming up with a higher quality personal statement.

4. Mention about your Strength

Besides, the quality and the quantity of the personal statement you should focus on detailing the strengths you have. Not how you took up a mandarin speaking class but gave up on it after a week. So, write well about the knowledge you have, the experiences, and your plans. It will help the university to judge your application well as per their requirement and possibly increase your chance of selection significantly.

5. Write a Good Introduction

When you are submitting a personal statement that is as long as 4000 character count, you need to understand that not everyone will be interested in going through it all. This is, especially, true when the beginning of the personal statement is written at a below par quality. Due to this, it is very important that your introduction should be of great compelling quality that it can be interesting for others to check the rest of your statement.

6. Believe in your Writing

A lot of times, applicants before writing their own personal statement for university will check others. Truth be told you should be bothered by what and how others have written their personal statements. I say this because everyone is unique in their ways and therefore, it makes no sense to follow others or any set pattern and rules.

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7. Honesty is the Best Policy

We are taught about this in our primary classes and it is the truest thing we are ever been taught. So, practice honesty while writing your personal statement. Don’t try to fake things in your personal statement just to overhype your chances because the university will see through that. Try to mention only the things that you can back up with proof.

8. Readout your Statement Multiple Times

This will help you in understanding if there is enough cohesion between your sentences and paragraphs to that reading the statement comes with a flow. Thus, if you feel that some sentences are placed awkwardly then edit them immediately. As you wouldn’t want your personal statement to be lacking in fluidity and engagement.

9. Ask Someone to Proofread

Once you have gone through all the steps to write a powerful personal statement. Look for someone trustworthy and knowledgeable enough to proofread your write up. As a writer we fail to see some obvious mistake that we are used to making.

10. Stop Checking your Application After you have Submitted

You have put in all the effort and followed in all the steps to come up with a powerful personal statement for applying to a University and have even submitted it. Your job is done. So, now never think about the application again as it’s pointless and could only put you under unwanted stress.

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