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Are Audiobooks Good For Studying?

by Education

As pandemic struck the world in 2020, it gave the entire human species a new outlook to live their life. This panorama not only formed many unfamiliar acknowledgements in them but also generated ways to celebrate life. Moreover, when people get free time from their typical and monotonous day to day routine. They become more engrossed in searching for new things to explore. This exploration of theirs led them towards finding phenomenal hobbies, passions, adventures. These were the parameters which they were always willing to pursue. But were not able to because of the general needs waiting to get fulfilled. Hobbies mentioned above included Reading/Listening to Books, Gardening, Painting, Paper Craft, and much more. Everybody after 2020 found an artist in them that was special. And that is the beauty that 2020 gave us humans. 

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Reading Books interestingly was considered one of the top findings when it comes to pursuing a different passion. Reading books has always been beneficial for people because it opens the mind and gives the power to state opinions. To stand for what is right, and to make decisions. Also, reading books makes it easier to mark the pointers whenever it feels meaningful. For Instance, If you need to remind yourself with a point. You can flip on to the page you marked with the bookmark ribbon.

However, on the other hand, as technological advancement is taking over the market, audiobooks are also out on online stores as an option for a varied experience. Here the question arises is that if audiobooks are good for studying or not?

Because the benefits that reading actual books provide seem to be powerful enough to compete with the audiobooks that are backed by the technological progression. Let us find out if audiobooks are good – 


While reading books gives you a thought bubble of imagination about how the scene is being conducted, people try and imagine the feelings, the characters, and everything else, but audiobooks, conversely, provide an altogether different perspective of understanding the story. Audiobooks work well with good storytelling as it simplifies the way you have to conceive and paraphrase the situation created. It helps the brain to visualise the story from another viewpoint.

Pronunciation and Vocabulary

Reading books provide us with qualified knowledge, and there is no doubt in that. But when it comes to pronouncing a word and remembering it to enlighten the individual vocabulary, then Audiobooks can be termed as the winner. This is probably a solution because audiobooks let you hear the word clearly, and also, the chances of you remembering the word increases. Additionally, listening to audiobooks can aid you in your comprehension passages, where one has to listen to the paragraph and answer. It is a defined practice.

Time Management

As we all know, that in today’s rushing world, no one precisely has enough time to order a book and continuously read a book. Hence, Audiobooks makes it easier for people to begin with. Just clicking on a single button and replace songs with a book while they are on their journey to the office in the morning and their way back home in the evening. Audiobooks are not asking for any separate time frame to concentrate on and listen to stories. But you can listen to one book per day or one portion for the time being and gain more knowledge than any other source. Podcasts are a similar source of learning.

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In the end, there can be no battle with regards to comparing the subject matter of reading books or listening to books. Everyone out there in the world has a different approach to grasping information. For Instance, Some like to feel the book in the hand and smell the fragrance of the pages. Highlighting the data is the favourite part for some. On the contrary, people love listening to audiobooks because they can effortlessly seize information in the form of a listening pattern. They don’t like getting books and filling the spaces in their house. Accordingly, Audiobooks are more convenient for them to listen to. Therefore, the end is just as pure as the beginning, which states that audiobooks, yes, can be good for studying and can be a proven tool for succeeding and clutching the essence.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles W. Eliot. And i.e. why audiobooks or manual reading both are

competent till the time your purpose is being solved.

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