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How To Format Your Critical Essay?

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Writing is an art, and crafting an essay is articulate thing and sometime it might bother when it comes to formation of an essay in a way it supposed to be. So, here we going to see how to format a critical essay in a perfect way.

Welcome to Statistics Explained! In this guide you can learn about the following things one by one:

  • What is a Critical Essay?
  • How to write a Critical Essay?
  • The Various Kinds of Critical Essays
  • Step by step guide to formatting a Critical Essay

What is a Critical Essay?

An essay, in general, means a short piece of precise and on-point writing on a particular subject. However, when it comes to critical essays it refers to a type of academic writing where a writer analyses and evaluates or interprets a given text or other media forms. Critical Essays are mostly written by a writer to emphasize their critical writing skills that should be thought provoking for their readers.

Also, the most effective part of writing a critical essay is knowing “How to format your critical essay?”

How to Write a Critical Essay?

While writing a critical essay, indeed, helps the writer to master their craft further, it does pose a challenge to ones who are trying it for the first time. This is because critical essay as opposed to the other forms of essay writing requires to be nuanced in order to grip its reader’s attention through the course of the written text. Therefore, if you are new or inexperienced in this form of essay writing then you can follow the steps below to write a thought provoking critical essay that will be extremely beneficial for your academic performances.

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Step #1: Understand the Expectations

When you are given a topic for writing a critical essay, you must understand what is expected out of it. And it is obvious to be uncertain about the expectation in which case you should immediately ask for clarifications regarding the details of the topic given to you.

Step #2: Research your Topic Thoroughly

Whether it is a form of a book, a film, a piece of art, or any other media form, always do your research first before starting to write on it. This is because the depth of your knowledge gained on the given topic directly will affect the quality of your writing. Hence, when you have done your research thoroughly, you are more likely to write a compelling piece of critical essay. As you are well aware of the events and incidents are to be included in it to make it have your readers read it in a great flow.

Step #3: Take Notes During the Research Part

A human brain can only remember things to an extent. That’s why most of us keep a note of things to do. This applies well when you are preparing for a critical essay. So, while you are busy researching the source material make sure that you are taking notes of the important details. This will not only save you a great bit of time but will also help you determine the pattern of your critical essay.

Step #4: Figure Out the Challenges and Problem Associated with your Source Material

After you have thoroughly researched and have reviewed your source materials and listed down all the important details, make sure you have marked the problematic challenges in it. This will help you in preparing well for your critical essay writing assignment.

Step #5: Look Out for Solutions

This is the last bit to get yourself primed for writing a high quality critical essay is to look out for solutions for all the problems you have unearthed during the course of your research. And by the end of doing this, you will be completely ready to start writing your critical essay.

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The Types of Critical Essays

With the critical essay writing involving various forms of books, pieces of art, films, and media forms, it is evident that there are various kinds of critical essays that a student can be asked to work on. Here are the possible kinds of critical essays:

  • Gender Criticism
  • Sociological Criticism
  • Mythological Criticism
  • Reader-Response Criticism
  • New Historicism
  • Formalist Criticism
  • Biographical Criticism
  • Psychoanalytical Criticism

Step by Step Guide to Formatting a Critical Essay

Now, that you have learned what a critical essay means and how to write one, the only part remaining is “How to Format your Critical Essay?” This is the part that many students do not pay attention to and as a result, end up with grades below their expectations. Formatting a critical essay is what decides the effectiveness of it. Be it any essay type or other forms of writing formatting is important. As irrespective of the nature of the topic, it is the format that makes it effective. And the most effective standard way of formatting your critical essay should include three parts:

The Introduction
The Body
The Conclusion

Let us have a look at it one by one.

The Introduction

The introduction is the most important part of the formatting. A gripping introduction lays a solid foundation for the reader to follow to the rest of the critical essay, whereas an ordinary one can hold the reader’s attention for a brief part only. Therefore, to ensure that your introduction part is well done make sure that it was concise and allows the reader to have a sneak peek into what you will be focusing on in your critical writing.

The Body

The body is what contains all the important details related to the topic you have written your critical essay on. So, try to communicate well with your readers. Keep your sentences to the length of 20 words only, otherwise, readers might start losing interest in it. Use paragraphs of similar length ending under 150 words. Also, the number of paragraphs should not exceed 6. Last but not, always provide data to support your thesis statements.

The Conclusion

This is the final part in formatting your critical essay and just like in any other form of essay, conclusion plays an equally important part in writing a critical essay. Therefore, make sure that the conclusion part summarizes all the important details listed in the body part. Besides, you can always look forward to ending your critical essay with a thought provoking question. This is a great way to leave your reader wanting to read more on the topic as a result of which they end up researching themselves on the topic. And this is a great sign of a well written critical essay.

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