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How To Manage Online Exam Stress

by Exam Help

Exams and stress are two things that often go hand in hand. Irrespective of the quality of preparation one has done, many of the students have been found to show signs of stress as the day of the exam nears. The same applies to an online examination, which has become a norm since the pandemic, as well and sometimes this exam induced stress can affect your results. Therefore, students must learn about how to manage online exam stress. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of exam stress-busting tips. But before that let’s identify the causes of exam stress.

Causes of Exam Stress

The most universal causes of exam stress can be divided into three parts namely;

  • Inadequate preparation
  • Pressure from the family
  • Pressure from within

Inadequate Preparation:

This is the most common cause of stress with which most of the students can relate to. This form of stress is mostly self induced due to a lack of preparation for the exam. As with insufficient preparation, students are unsure of their performance in the exam. A lot of students fall victim to this because of negligence, improper guidance, and delay in starting to prepare for the exam. And with students resorting to the last minute preparations, inadequate preparations can lead to anxiety as well.

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Pressure from the Family

The next common reason behind the exam induced stress is the high expectation and added pressure the family put on a student. This is an unfortunate reason that a lot of parents don’t understand that pressuring the kids all the time to score good marks could lead to various mental disorders in kids. So, if you are parents reading try to understand your kid’s mentality and guide them in their preparation instead of pressurizing them.

Pressure from Within

A lot of times students tend to overthink their situations like how they must get excellent grades. They think that if they don’t score good marks then their parents will be disappointed in them and they may not get admission into a nice college or university. As a result of it, students often find themselves under stress that is purely based on their thinking and beliefs. Hence, parents and teachers must constantly support students. They should understand how they shouldn’t be overthinking things and instead should only focus on the exam they have in hand.

Manage Online Exam Stress

If we look back again at the causes of the stress, you would figure that for many it be a tough thing to avoid. Due to this, we have compiled a list of ways that you can practice to avoid that unnecessary stress.

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Connect with Others

This pandemic has almost diluted spaces where people used to connect with each other in general daily. And with some students struggling to find any help offline because of the lockdown, you can start connecting with others online. You can create online groups on platforms like WhatsApp to discuss study related questions. Also, you can take help from your teacher if you are struggling with any topic.

Take Breaks

Always remember that just because your online exams are nearby doesn’t mean you have to continuously study or prepare for them. Take breaks because most of the time you have earned it. Besides, studying at home can be challenging with the lack of a schedule to maintain or follow daily. This may lead to a burnout situation. Therefore, breaks are important so you can ease yourself out and come back to your studies with a fresher mind than a tired one.

Request for Extra Time to Complete your Online Exam

When it comes to online exams network issues are a common thing. And any such situation can aggravate the stress level in students. However, you must know that since the exams are online, schools and colleges can rearrange the timings of it. So, if you have any issues with your internet connection then never be shy to share this with your faculties or the concerned person. They will most likely grant your request.

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