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How To Work & Study Simultaneously? Hidden Secrets of Toppers!

by Live Tutoring

Education cost increases year by year, and 79% of students are concerned about how they would afford a total degree cost. Approx 75% of students do a job to fund their graduation cost either part-time or fulltime. Most of the students bear the cost of their college education and struggle in between studies and work. Balancing work and study life is quite challenging for students.

  1. Challenges of working along with study
  2. Tips for tackling challenges
  3. Part-Time Job
  4. Freelancing or remote job
  5. Internships
  6. Season vacation jobs

1. Challenges of working along with study

Working along with studying is hard to manage. Here are some challenges student faces while balancing study- work:

Time management

Whether the job is part-time or full time, it’s demanding and daunting sometimes. It will take hours of working and leave you tired at the end, and later, students need to finish their loads of coursework. It’s a routine until the course ends, and coping up with for the more extended period is challenging work.

Lack of motivation

Due to constant running on wheel life work to study, study to work, leave no motivation, and make dull lifestyle. With a lack of interest and less motivation, nothing can give useful results in any way.


Sometimes, it is not enough motivation to put into work, and driving the result what you supposed to get is hard to get. There must be discipline in doing things to get good results, whether its work or study.


2. Tips for tackling challenges

Try out following tips to tackle challenges to balance the work and study simultaneously;

Be organized

To make things work the way it supposed to be, needs perfect planning, and is organized perfectly. Prepare a planner separately for work and study and work accordingly. You know your target and deadlines and ways to get it done.

Set Priorities

Pen down all the essential things to do and set the priority of work. If any assignments are pending, need to prepare for presentations, all should be priorities as per the situation requirements.


Ask for help

If you are troubled and find it hard to keep the balance at work and study. Try to detect difficulties and discuss with boss or colleagues, on the other hand, for academic help consult online tutoring help, which is affordable and suits your schedule.

Manage stress

Non-achievement some time leads to stress, anxiety, and panic. Learn to manage stress, bring routine into life, take proper sleep, meal on time, meditate, workout, and, if required, take external help.

If you are planning to graduate and want to finance your degree cost with your own hard-earned money here, you need to strategize according to upcoming challenges you will face in the process of keeping both together.


3. Part-Time Job

It’s the best way to focus on studies and work part-time to fund your cost of studies flawlessly. There are many such part-time working opportunities available in almost all countries like call center job, hotel jobs, back-end jobs, etc. it will add new experience and make you working culture pro in sometimes. Working in the field of interest will add a new skill, and, in the United States, there have been fixed weekly hours for fresher students.

4. Freelancing or remote job

Digitalization at its peak and every job most probably run on the internet which has no requirement of physical presence, you can do your job by sitting at home in desktop or mobile like, data entry, designing, writing job, selling products, online marketing products and many more. Such companies have very little demand for skills which any student can pursue with formal knowledge of computer operation and with good communication skill. There are many freelancing work websites such as Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, etc.; Even you can find such jobs via Facebook groups or LinkedIn. Flexible working time, you will get the work and time to deliver, Finish the work email to the client and done, get paid without hustling here and there.

5. Internships

It’s an ideal way to work in an exciting field, which adds skill on a resume. After conducting a full internship with distinction, you will get the job or useful reference for future job prospects. Some internship is paid to bear the degree cost and a developing ground to set your career future job.

6. Season vacation jobs

A job that can be pursued in college summer vacation or winter vacation holidays. Generally, in most countries, there is a long vacation of 90-60 days in an academic year. The advantage of such a job is to you have not worried about your study – work balances and the hours you have to wrap up. Doing extra hours can give you more dollars in your pocket so that you can easily carry your study stuff.

In a way to achieve something great, you have to face challenges and strategies to tackles, and that will pave a way of success and sense of responsibility, and it’s been a good way to experience life.

Apart from all of the challenges and solution to handle all the imbalances in keeping work and study together, here are some benefits:

  • Get to know work and earn income.
  • Opportunity to nurture soft skills
  • Gain work experience, which adds value in resume.
  • Get a chance to add networks and connections in the workplace.
  • Create a sense of responsibility at an early stage of like.
  • Develop time management skills and more discipline.
  • Manage your finances in a better-organized way.
  • It is a great way to set future career ground as the part-time job will give you a chance to discover your passion.

Great achievers began their success journey from college – from jobs and responsibilities at the time. For example – Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve, and many more. These benefits are approachable in the internet age as it has all problem solutions into one just a click away need just smartly to implement it.

Maintaining the right attitude and manage all contrary situations without giving up. Success can’t be so easy to achieve. If it can be, it’s not the ultimate success. You still have something to achieve big in life.

At Statistics Explained, with in-house team of geniuses, offer professional services beyond measures, combining, learning, understanding, acquiring skills, and solving problems. The smart move to save time while learning to excel at the subject lies with Statistics Explained. The road to success is the hardest one and all we do is, give you a little push so that you can equip yourself better for the bigger battle. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Que. 1) Is it possible to work and study at the same time?

Ans. 1) It’s challenging but not impossible. Nowadays, there are various options available from the end of college and in the market too. Students can make smart and wise decisions and decide what can be right way to fulfill the requirements. For example, there are lots of freelancing works available online, and on the other side, plenty of options to cover up studies too.

Que. 2) Is it a good idea to work while studying?

It depends on the student’s mentality and requirements. But in general though yes, it’s a good idea but needs to make the right decision and study proper consequences altogether. Working along with study is the best way to enhance the potential, gain experience, and manage your liabilities by yourself, which is a great thing.

Que. 3) What are the best jobs for college students?

Ans. 3) There are numerous job opportunities available in the market; you can pick one that suits your interest, help to gain skills, and pay you well.
Some of them are: Call center jobs, Online jobs, back-end executive, warehouse assistant, bookkeeper, health representative, freelancer teaching, freelance writer, etc.

Que. 4) What are the effects of working and studying simultaneously?

Ans. 4) A part-time working system won’t affect negatively, whereas a full-time job somewhere affects studies, stress, lack of motivation, and indiscipline in daily routines. But all challenges make you more responsible and manageable. Stress, sleep disorder is common on students who work hard, need to be addressed on time, keep themselves organized, plan everything, meditate, work out, set your work and study regime, and strictly follow it.

Que. 5) What is the key reason for working while studying?

Ans. 5) The key reason why students work during their graduation or college education is bearing the cost of tuition. Hike in education costs is reaching new heights every year. Some students face financial crises, so they start working at the college level to manage expenses by themselves and shift their burden from their parent’s shoulders.

Que. 6) Does working affect academic performance?

Ans. 6) It depends on o the nature of the job they were doing. Generally, part-time jobs won’t impact much negative on academic scores. But if a full-time job which mentally depletes students then, in that case, it may affect lowering the grades. If employment is relevant to your subject, then, in that case, it will make you outperform as practical knowledge works more than theoretical knowledge. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose a job that helps them in studies and even in future careers. Sometimes, students bear all the cost of education on their own, so in that case, it might be possible that the job of any sort is needed to carry their degree without any suspension or break. Hence that can affect grades negatively, but with proper planning and effort, it can be positive.

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