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Top 5 Innovative Artificial Intelligence Topics for Research

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Humankind is steadily approaching an exciting universe which is mostly seen in popular sci-fi. A universe surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI) is what the future will look like. The technology continues to override itself in the advanced. Thus, allowing a lot of research in various fields of AI such as Quantum Computing, Healthcare, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, and the widely popular Internet of Things.

With so many things happening in artificial intelligence, it has aroused interest in several research works. And if numbers are to be believed, then the annually published researched work on Artificial Intelligence has acquired a monument increase by 90 per cent since 1996.

Now, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that you are also interested in publishing research work in artificial intelligence. However, with so many options to select from, I can assure you that you might have been confused while selecting a topic for research. For this purpose alone, Statistic Explained has compiled a list of the top five innovative artificial intelligence topics for research. Here you can learn briefly about each of the selected topics through the provided introduction under them.

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Needless to state that robotics had to be a top topic for research in artificial intelligence. The field of robotics is so vast that even the sub-topics under this can be pursued as separate research work. To briefly introduce robotics, it primarily deals with the creation of humanoid machines. The humanoid machines are designed after the human beings themselves and are intended to make them behave and perform certain actions like human beings.

Here, a question may arise that robots in themselves are a machine. So, how will it perform tasks like a human? With the help of artificial intelligence. It is artificial intelligence that will enable humanoids to work as humans to a certain degree.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is defined as the working of a machine without human support. This subject may seem impossible, but artificial intelligence continues to show how machine learning will work. Essentially the machines will have a memory installed in them. The memory will allow the machine to master a task through the experience without the help of programming.

The process of machine learning will include the insertion of quality and choice of algorithms. Also, machine learning algorithms are sub-divided into three types:

  • Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Reinforcement Machine Learning Algorithms

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Internet of Things

The most breakthrough development of artificial intelligence has come in the internet of things (IoT). However, both AI and IoT are different from each other. While the fundamental of AI lies in creating systems that can emulate human activities, the internet of things is primarily a network connecting various devices globally. With the help of the internet of things, connected devices can exchange data and information within themselves. Artificial intelligence steps in the right after the connected devices have exchanged data. AI will collect all the useful data and can mine them for actionable results. So, this is how the partnership of IoT and AI can transform the future in a significant manner.

Computer Vision

The selfie has become a daily part of our lives. In this era of the social media revolution, selfie images can be seen everywhere on the internet. It is because image sharing has never been so easy. The internet stays constantly updated with millions of images uploaded on it. As a result, it has opened the door for a whole new technology to use those and further enhance the quality of life. It is where computer vision is expected to take over with the help of artificial intelligence.

Computer visions by using AI can essentially extract information from images and use it for various purposes, such as finding a stolen vehicle. In addition, computer vision can detect objects and identify them by analysing the various details in them.

Recommended Systems

If you are using Netflix or have a YouTube account, you already must know about the recommendation system. A recommendation system is defined as the recommendations we receive depending on our past selections. For example, you watched a movie on Netflix or YouTube. After repeating the same action a few times, you can notice that you are receiving a recommendation. A recommended system is mainly content-based that collaboratively filters the selection depending on our past watching behavior and so on.

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Q: What is Artificial Intelligence?

A: A software or a particular model developed to perform more complicated task easily on its own.

Q: What are the pros of AI?

A: Creation of massive job opportunities in the future.

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