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How to Cite a Podcast Using APA Style?

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Everyone today is quite familiar with what a podcast is. It is like the modern-day radio station where people used to tune in to listen to their favorite music and talk shows. However, the podcast with the internet on its side holds huge importance in today’s time. Today, individual personalities and business owners can run their podcasts to build a connection with podcast listeners and potential listeners. It is a niche platform to outdo what any written content can never do. You can engage with the audience through your audio content and simultaneously build your brand as well. Here people have the opportunity to build their reputation from the scratch and project themselves as an authority in the times to come.

Now, when it comes to podcasts, citation plays an important role in it. Especially, the APA style podcast citation has become the most popular. However, not everyone is aware of how to cite a podcast using the APA style. Hence, Statistic Explained will help you to understand the APA style podcast citation.

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APA Style Podcast Citation

Here are the following steps that you can follow to cite a podcast in APA style:

Step 1: List the host as the author and follow it up by the label.

Step 2: Mention the date, the episode title, and the number on the host.

Step 3: Add the description “[Audio podcast episode].”

Step 4: Put the name of the podcast, the production company.

Step 5: If available add URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

In case if you do not know the URL to a podcast you have listened to in an app, omit it. Furthermore, you can also omit the un-numbered episodes. To highlight any significant moment from the episode, you can quote it with a timestamp with the use of an in-text citation.

APA Style Citation of an Entire Podcast Series

For people who don’t relate themselves with a specific episode and instead of an entire podcast series, they must use the reference entry to cover for the whole series. However, here as well you should consider listing the host as the author. As far as the date of the podcast series is concerned, you can enlist a range of years depicting the time period when the series was run.

How to Cite a Video Podcast?

We all know that podcasts are done in audio format. However, there is a scope and complete possibility to turn the audio podcast into a video form or video podcast. To cite a podcast in the video format, all you have to do is use the square bracket instead of the “Audio Podcast.” You can do the same for the podcast series in a similar manner.

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Q: In APA style podcast citation who is listed as the author?

A: In APA style podcast citation, the podcast’s host is listed as the author. Furthermore, the host is followed by the label that identifies its role. For example: Castle, M. (Host).

Q: How to cite a quote in APA style from an audio or video source?

A: Timestamps are used to highlight any significant moment in an audio or video source with the use of an in-text citation. For example: (TED, 2021, 2:36).

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