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How To Write A Convincing Case Study In 7 Steps?

by Case Study

The case study has been a growing staple of marketing departments everywhere in recent years. Still, most people today are unable to write a potentially impactful, exciting, and convincing case study. And if you are one of those people then you can contact Statistics Explained on how to write case study assignment services to help you come up with a convincing case study. But before that let’s take a look at what case study means?

What is a Case Study?

Marketers are often used to label everything as storytelling to describe their collateral. And storytelling does apply to the case studies that are in themselves self contained stories about a person or a company where they overcome their problems by using your products and services. Also, similar to any story, case studies also have three parts in them, i.e., the beginning, a middle, and an ending.

This is how to format the case studies normally. Below you can learn to write a convincing case study in 7 steps.

1. Identify Your Audience First

When you are writing a case study you need to understand that case studies should be designed for an audience who you already think is considering becoming your customers as irrespective of how well you format and write your case, it is less likely to create an interest in the general. But if you are aware of the possible audience who are showing interest in products or services then targeting your case study can convince them to take the leap of faith and become your customer. Therefore, in short, always try to know your audience first.

2. Create a Compelling Angle for your Case Study

Once you have identified your audience, you should look to learn more about them to write a convincing case study. For example, suppose you have to write a case study for a client who rescues stray dogs. Now, while writing a case study for it, you must immediately first think about how you can define the difficulty that comes with rescuing stray dogs and follow it up with a possible solution. Knowing this the client will be more likely to become your customer.

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3. Ensure Your Case Study is Relatable Throughout

Besides having your case study to be interesting and featuring some compelling angles, if you want to make the most out of it then you should look to come up with a more universal and relatable compelling angle. By doing so, you will be urging a lot of customers to try out your product and services.

4. Use a Narrative Arc in Your Case Study

Remember how we said that marketers often use storytelling to describe their products and services. They do so because when it comes to marketing storytelling is the most effective way to connect with your audience as it enables you to form emotional and personal connections with the audience. Similarly, if you structure your case study like that then it will increase the effectiveness of your case study. 

5. Illustrate key Points in Your Case Study by Using Data

Just because you are using storytelling to write your case study, it doesn’t mean you should rely on preach and anecdotal practices to convince your customers. Instead, you should fairly use the data and facts available in your case study. Most people will always buy from the factual data provided by the case studies.

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6. Ensure Having a Place for Your Business in the Case Study

Yes, the targeted audience must be the main focus of your case study, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote your business at all in the case study. After all, it is for the growth of your business that you are writing a case study. So, in case your client is the protagonist in your case study make sure that keep your business as a supporting character in the entire narrative.

7. Allow Your Clients and Customers to Tell Their Own Stories

As the writer of your case study, it is important that you craft a compelling story that is relatable to your client and customers. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a voice of their own. So, let their side of the story be also showcased in your case study. Their side of the story is usually displayed in the forms of feedback and review written by your clients and customers. So, do your best to use some of the most fitting reviews to be showcased in your case study. As it will be highly helpful in influencing other similar clients and customers.

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