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How to Write an MBA Essay in the Appropriate Format?

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Many colleges and universities, while taking MBA applications, will ask for an MBA essay to be submitted alongside. MBA essays are both a trap and an opportunity at the same time. Students, usually, dread writing an MBA essay since it is never easy to write. Here you can learn about how to write an MBA essay in the appropriate format. However, before that there is a question which many students may have on their mind – Why do colleges and universities make you write an MBA essay?

Normally, there are three common reasons why a college would ask you to write an MBA. They are as follows:

  • College wants to know more about you outside of your application or resume.
  • College wants to check what value you can bring to their current batch.
  • College wants to know what it can do to support your goals.

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What are the Components of a Good MBA Essay?

Now that you know why a college would ask you to write an MBA essay, you must know about the good components of a good MBA essay to write an MBA essay appropriately. Here are important components that you must take seriously while writing your MBA essay:

  • Answer to the point to whatever question asked to you by the college.
  • Provide as many as possible real-life relatable examples.
  • Use simple English and focus more on delivering a strong narration.
  • Write about things that are not written in your application or resume.
  • Put a strong emphasis on your storytelling as it is the key component of an effective MBA essay.

Tips to Write an MBA Essay in the Appropriate Format

Now, that you are aware of why colleges ask for MBA essays and what components make for an effective MBA essay, here are the tips to write an MBA essay in the appropriate format:

Focus on What You Want to Accomplish

An MBA essay is like a lifetime opportunity to make a lasting impression. Especially, if you are great at storytelling then you may never get a better chance than to write an MBA essay. Hence, you must be completely aware of what needs to be written in your MBA essay. The best approach to writing an MBA essay is to write about your career and personal goals you want to achieve. It would be smart to write about where you want to see yourself after graduation.

Be Aware of the Essay Prompts

Many colleges and universities will follow the similar for general essay applications. However, an MBA essay application is much different from writing any other form of essay application. Also, it is more likely colleges will ask to write an MBA about the courses they have to offer. For example: A business college might demand shorter MBA essays. So, depending on the essay prompts you to decide or adjust the length of your MBA essay.

Normally, the essay prompts that you must follow are:

  • Your academic potentials
  • Future plans after graduation.
  • Your life history.
  • Leadership abilities.
  • Communication skills.

Use the MLA Guidelines

MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines are widely considered as the fundamental formatting guidelines when it comes to writing an MBA essay. In MLA guidelines you should add extra space between paragraphs. Also, you must ensure that there is a one-inch margin on each side of the paper (top, bottom, both sideways) where you create your content.

Furthermore, your last name and page numbers should appear in the upper right corner on every page of your MBA essay. Apart from this, you must either use Georgia or Times New Roman as your fonts for they are easy to read. The font size should be set at 11 points for Georgia and 12 points for Times New Roman fonts. Lastly, you should have your full name and any other relevant information written in the upper left corner of the MBA essay.

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Stick With the Five-Paragraph Format

Writing the MBA essay in the five-paragraph format is considered the most ideal approach. Also, ensure that each of the five paragraphs should have three to six sentences. Only in rare cases, you must consider extending a paragraph to seven sentences.

Write a Strong Declaration to Conclude Your MBA Essay

Finally, you must make sure that you end your MBA essay on a strong and memorable note. The best way to achieve this goal is to ensure that your MBA essay is free from any confusing and complicated words or sentences.

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Q: What is the most essential component of an MBA essay?

A: Storytelling is the most significant element of an Essay.

Q: What is the ideal font size for writing an MBA essay?

A: 11 points for Georgia and 12 points for Times New Roman.

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